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World-wide Delivery of Teaching Materials

An infraNET Project

The United Nations University - Internatinal Network on Water, Health
and the Environment (UNUINWEH) has been established in Ontario and funded by the Federal Government of Canada. Long-term funding (from CIDA) was renewed in 2003. The University of Waterloo will play a key role in the development and delivery of teaching materials to overseas member institutions in one of the projects - The Water Virtual Leaarning Centre. Internet-related processes are critical to this program. Other universities in Ontario will be involved in this project as content providers and the WVLC program (funded by the United Nations Development Fund initially at $2.0 million over 3 years) will establish regional centres in the developing world to deliver the program on Integrated Water Resource Management. The United Nations University will grant diplomas in IWRM upon satisfactory completion of the entire 10 course program. Overseas relationships with institutions in the European Union could be negotiated for content provision.