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Smarter Health Seminars: Value of IT Series

The infraNET Project and the Education Program for Health Informatics (EPHIP) are hosting a special seminar series entitled "Smarter Health: The Value of IT in the Health System". This series examines the dependencies of the health system on IT, the evidence that IT can actually deliver what is required to enable an efficient and effective enterprise, the nature and magnitude of the investment required, and the strategic pathway to ensure the desired deliverables. Presentations by Health Informatics experts of about half-hour duration will be followed by a facilitated discussion.

These seminars will be hosted by David Johnston, President of the University of Waterloo. Dominic Covvey, Director of EPHIP will be the moderator for the seminars.

Who Should Attend: Professionals from the health and IT industries, educators, and interested citizens
Location: Davis Centre, Room 1302, University of Waterloo
Time:: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Registration: No charge to attend, but pre-registering to reserve a seat is recommended.

Seminars and Speakers