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The infraNET Distinquished Speaker Seminar Series

Business Transformation Through E-Commerce

Bob Fraser

Information Development Manager/E-Commerce Development
IBM Toronto Laboratory

Thursday, April 22, 1999
2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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E-commerce is exceeding market forecast expectations in business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions. Businesses are utilizing E-commerce to reach global markets, to reduce costs, and to improve customer services. Transforming the traditional business models, E-commerce is changing everything from supply chain management to customer relationships.

Several years ago, it was sufficient for most businesses to have their product brochures available on an Internet web site. Now many web sites have facilities for customers to purchase goods using secure credit card transactions. Many businesses are integrating their E-commerce applications with existing systems for inventory, fulfillment and procurement.

IBM, a leader in E-commerce, has helped many businesses such as Macy's, L.L.Bean, and Victoria's Secret produce successful E-commerce web sites. IBM's Net Commerce software has powered popular Super Bowl and Wimbledon web sites, providing valuable information on performance and scalability. This talk discusses the components of an E-commerce system, critical factors for success, and future directions.

Bob Fraser

Bob Fraser is the Information Development Manager for IBM's Net.Commerce product. He has worked with IBM for 15 years and is actively involved in IBM's own E-Business transformation. He was involved in the creation of IBM's software web site and has done extensive research in advanced information delivery systems. He has managed Information Development for both VisualAge for Java and VisualAge for C++ products.

IBM Toronto Laboratory

IBM Toronto Laboratory is part of IBM's Software Division.

Seminar Sponsor

This seminar is sponsored by the infraNET Project, University of Waterloo. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the Institute for Computer Research.

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