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Getting the Web Ready for Wearable Wireless Internet Devices

Mike Lazaridis, Research in Motion

April 23, 1997 at 3:30 p.m.
Davis Centre, Room 1302, University of Waterloo


"The move to integrate the Internet and wireless communication is a growing trend in the industry," said James Barksdale, president and CEO of Netscape Communications Corp. "The Internet is a logical extension to wireless communications," Barksdale said in his keynote address here. "I see wireless and the Internet augmenting each other."

PC Week April 1, 1996

The Internet/Intranet phenomena has demonstrated that people desire to interact with organized real-time information as much, if not more, than with people. The information content on the Internet continues to grow, becoming more organized, and more attractively bundled and packaged for all market segments. The successful introduction of low bandwidth HDML and other compact and efficient "Hand-held Device Mark-up Languages" will, with the help of proxy servers, give efficient Internet access to even the smallest devices. As the Internet, and the number of people who use and depend on it continues to grow, the need for any-time, any-where access to this information will become essential. The need to interact with this vast information and commerce base, receive and initiate email, and interact with others requires a wireless always-on, always-connected interactive wearable wireless technology. Mr. Lazaridis will describe the future of wearable wireless Internet devices, the possibilities and limitations of wireless data technologies, and some potential Internet services.


Mr. Lazaridis is president and founder of Research in Motion Limited (RIM), a wireless data device manufacturer. He oversees all product development and operations at RIM. He is responsible for the development and ownership of several patents for Digisync, software code, and radio technologies. Mr. Lazaridis has received the IWAY award for New Technology Development (1997), the High-tech Entrepreneur of the Year Award (1996), the CATA award for best high-tech product (1995), an Emmy award for designs in computer film editing equipment (1994), and designed industrial communications cards that won the Canada Award for Business Excellence (Innovation-1992).

Research in Motion

Research In Motion Ltd. manufacturers high-performance radio-modems for use with wide-area wireless data communication networks. Founded in 1984, RIM now has an international reputation for developing the highest performance RF technology in the emerging narrowband PCS data communications industry. RIM's wireless technology has set new standards for battery life, transceiver performance, physical size, ease-of-use and price.

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