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Drowning in Data:
What's a Healthcare Provider to Do?


Dr. Ian McKillop
JW Graham Research Chair in Health Information Systems
Associate Professor, Computer Science & Health Studies and Gerontology
University of Waterloo

Wednesday, January 25, 2006
3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Davis Centre, Room 1302
University of Waterloo

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Blackberry - Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
McKesson Information Solutions - Smart Systems for Health Agency
Healthcare Information Management and Communications Canada

Presentation Archive 2005-2006

Some pundits argue that the health sector collects more data than any other sector, and yet uses data less than any other sector. While this is a somewhat unfair portrayal of the information-enabled practice of medicine today, anecdotal stories abound of how the toll of collecting reams of health data can consume the very resources needed to convert the data into useful information.

It is argued that to address this challenge, the health sector needs to focus on strategies to reduce the data collection overhead and to promote the creation of smarter information for smarter decision making. A number of exciting initiatives are underway in Ontario to deliver on this goal. This presentation looks at some of these initiatives and explores how the University of Waterloo is supporting the development of software solutions designed to promote the use of smart information in Ontario's hospital sector.

About the Speaker
Dr. McKillop holds the JW Graham Research Chair in Health Information Systems at the University of Waterloo where he is jointly appointed to the David R Cheriton School of Computer Science and the Department of Health Studies and Gerontology. Ian's research focuses how information technology can be used to support the decision-making needs of clinical providers, administrators, trustees, and policy analysts in the health sector. He has a particular interest in developing information management strategies able to support the provision of quality care in e-enabled clinical settings by addressing issues related to security, privacy and data integrity.

Dr. McKillop is affiliated with both the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Science (ICES) and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Since 1997, he has been part of the team that leads one of the largest, publicly-available hospital performance enhancement systems in the world. Ian sits on national and provincial committees with mandates related to information systems and funding in Canada's health system and is actively involved in international initiatives. His work has contributed to a number of commissions and government inquiries.

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This seminar is hosted by the Waterloo Institute for Health Informatics Research (WIHIR) and The infraNET Project, University of Waterloo.

The infraNET Project, initiated by the University of Waterloo in 1996, is a partnership to advance Web and Internet technologies. Its founding partners were: LivePage (now part of Siebel), MKS, Open Text, RIM, Sybase (Waterloo) and Waterloo Maple.

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