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Hospital Information Systems:

The Promise and Reality


Jim Shave


Cerner Canada


Wednesday, June 24, 2009
3:00 - 4:30 PM EST
Davis Centre, Room 1302, University of Waterloo

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The hospital information system (HIS) is a crucial infrastructural element to manage information flow in hospitals. Over the years, many vendors have entered (and exited) the field as providers and maintainers of HISs. The typical long term investment by a vendor in the development of software that comprises an HIS often exceeds $100M. In this seminar, Mr. Shave will give an overview of HISs and their value. He will also address several crucial matters about HISs including:

        Which are the major vendors, what are their market shares, and how can we assess their viability?

        What are some of the key differentiations among products and services?

        Where are these systems in terms of maturity, stability and evolvability?

        What are the major issues associated with HISs, including their readiness to deliver what we really need in terms of patient care support?

        Where is the innovation and where are these systems going over the next 5-10 years?

About the Speaker

Robert James Shave, President of Cerner Canada, joined Cerner Corporation in 1996 with the responsibility to build a Canadian sales and delivery organization and to expand the business in Canada for Cerner. He has grown Cerner s business success in Canada from annual revenues of under one million USD to more than forty million USD by 2008 with well over 250 health care facilities in Canada using Cerner s technologies. Cerner Canada s success is largely attributed to the deployment of effective partnerships and outsourcing strategies to facilitate the sharing of patient-centric information technologies among multiple stakeholders; multi-disciplinary care-teams; and health administrators responsible for care delivery across large geographic areas.                                        

Mr. Shave has been active in numerous aspects of the promotion and delivery of health care information technology in Canada since 1981. Before joining Cerner, he was Health Industry Marketing Manager at Digital Equipment and General Manager Canada at CyCare Canada, a provider of custom developed solutions to support oncology and turnkey solutions for physicians group practices.

Mr. Shave has long been an active supporter of numerous health organizations foundation fund-raising initiatives across Canada.


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